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bill guns college campuses

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Police departments near Georgia’s biggest universities said they don’t have immediate plans to increase security around campus boundaries after Gov. Nathan Deal told reporters Tuesday he wasn’t “satisfied” with what local law enforcement have done to protect students.

campus carry
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The Georgia State Senate voted Tuesday to let licensed gun owners carry concealed weapons on most places on public college campuses.

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The state Senate voted 32-22 on the bill, which needs final agreement by the state House before being sent to the Governor for his signature.

UGA student Will Dasher said he thinks the guideline about carrrying around certain tailgating areas should have more regulation.
Seth Wenig / Associated Press

Georgia students could soon take weapons in classrooms, libraries and other academic buildings at public colleges and universities in the state, since a “campus carry” bill was approved by the Senate Friday after lengthy debate. 

Sen. Jesse Stone, R-Waynesboro, said students need weapons to protect themselves from attacks on campus. He told the story of a 21-year-old women who was raped.

A man poses with his holstered gun exposed.
Paul Weaver / Weaver

The Georgia House of Representatives approved a measure Monday that would allow guns on the state's public college campuses. 

The measure would allow licensed owners over the age of 21 to carry concealed weapons, except in sorority and fraternity houses, dormitories and at athletic events. 

Supporters of the bill say it's necessary for responsible individuals to be able to defend themselves. But several Georgia House Democrats argued against the bill in a debate that lasted about an hour and a half, saying guns don't belong on college campuses.