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The Best of City Cafe for 2014

Jan 2, 2015
Francine Reed
Georgia Department of Economic Development

2014 has proved to be another busy year for both City Cafe and the city of Atlanta. Our reporting has taken us to rooftops, through forests, and into the lives of seemingly ordinary folks with extraordinary stories. As this year ends and the new one begins, we present some of our favorite features of '14.

Singer Francine Reed on Her Career and Recognition

Trains parked in the roundhouse at the Railroad Model Club
Ryan Nabulsi / / for WABE

The Railroad Model Club of Atlanta has been around for more than seven decades, operating its vintage train set-up from the same second-floor room on Edgewood Avenue for nearly that entire time.

So, why doesn’t anyone know about it? Kate Sweeney went to find out.

The Railroad Model Club of Atlanta welcomes visitors the first Saturday morning of every month. Find out more here.  

Three Page-Turners From… Maureen Corrigan

Dec 10, 2014
Nina Subin

You may know Maureen Corrigan from the NPR program Fresh Air with Terry Gross. She’s the show’s book critic, known for her thoughtful, considered recommendations. Recently she told WABE’s Kate Sweeney about three of her all-time favorite books—all centered in the city where she grew up.

Before they got down to business, Kate began by asking Maureen Corrigan a little about her work on Fresh Air.

Two Short Web Bonuses

Maureen Corrigan’s Picks

The Wild Story Behind The Children's Classic "Wild Things"

Dec 8, 2014
For the writer and illustrator whose career spanned generations, the exhibit at the Breman features components for adult and child visitors alike.
William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum

In this story we learn some very little known facts about the classic picture book "Where the Wild Things Are." Pioneering children’s writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak published his classic tale featuring young Max’s voyage to the magical land where he becomes king and leads the wild rumpus among the dreadful creatures there in 1963, although he actually began work on it years before. It's thrilled generations of children since. 

Wanted: Your Coyote Encounters

Dec 3, 2014
Chris Mowry in north Georgia, with equipment that senses collared coyotes. He hopes the next step of the Atlanta coyote study might involve measures like this.
Kate Sweeney / WABE

They’re larger than foxes and travel in ones and twos. And if you live in one of Atlanta’s wooded neighborhoods, then it’s possible that you’ve spotted a coyote near your house, or heard its wild call… which sounds something like this.

Now a new survey by Berry College wants to know about your coyote encounters, Atlanta.