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civil forfeiture ga

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In Georgia, as in some other states, law enforcement can take property from a person if they suspect it's connected to a crime, but they do not necessarily have to charge or convict that person with that crime. It's a process known as civil asset forfeiture. According to Georgia law, to keep the property, the government must show with a "preponderance of the evidence" that it's connected to a crime.

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Pulled over by police for speeding
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Georgia Senators unanimously voted Tuesday to change how law enforcement agencies can use the proceeds from property they seize, in a process known as civil forfeiture.

But critics say the bill doesn’t go far enough to protect innocent property owners who haven’t been charged with crimes in the first place. Civil forfeiture is a process when law enforcement can take property from someone on suspicion of illegal activity ─ but not necessarily charging them with any wrongdoing.