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Charles Sykes / AP Images for AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Undetectable equals untransmittable. It's a short phrase that HIV researchers and prevention experts believe represents one of the biggest steps we've ever seen toward eradicating HIV.

The scientific consensus behind “U=U” means people living with HIV who respond to antiretroviral medication and achieve an "undetectable" status do not sexually transmit the virus.*  

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Tuesday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

StoryCorps Atlanta

For tens-of-thousands of people, Labor Day weekend in Atlanta means one thing and one thing only: Dragon Con!

It’s not your average holiday weekend consisting of backyard barbecues, but rather a four-day sci-fi, fantasy, pop culture and gaming convention hosted in a handful of downtown hotels.

Among the eager annual participants is the Craven family – parents Aaron and Stephanie and 9-year-old son, Jackson.

In this "Medical Minute" segment, WABE senior reporter Jim Burress and medical analyst Dr. Ford Vox discuss the most common cause of knee injury in middle aged folks: meniscus tears. The typical surgical response, an arthroscopic partial meniscectomy, doesn’t appear to be any better than a regular exercise program for most people.


StoryCorps Atlanta

He was a minister, an activist and an educator; he presided over both Morehouse College and the Atlanta Board of Education. His name was Benjamin E. Mays, and Aug. 1 would have been his 122nd birthday. 

He passed away in 1984 at the age of 89, but his legacy is all around us and lives on in the stories of those who knew him ─ including Cathy Loving, his assistant from 1980 until his death. At the Atlanta StoryBooth, she tells friend Elisa Woods some lighter memories about this historically distinguished man, beginning with an unexpected joke on her first day on the job.