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Cobb County Commissioners Approve 2018 Budget

Sep 25, 2017
Public comment lasted almost two hours as more than a dozen people spoke out urging commissioners to not cut funding for county non-profits.
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Cobb County commissioners have approved a new 2018 budget, and, as many predicted, there are cuts this year.


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County officials recently approved a $25 million park bond and then decided not to raise the millage rate. Hence, the commissioners faced a revenue shortfall coming into the new fiscal year.

East Cobb Library In Danger Of Being Shuttered

Aug 23, 2017
According to petitioners, East Cobb is the second busiest out of the 16 libraries in Cobb County.
Alison Guillory / WABE

East Cobb residents are rallying to save a library that may close to save the county money.

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Cobb's proposed budget for next year is already $21.5 million in the red since commissioners voted not to raise the millage rate last month.



Cobb County commissioners got their first look Tuesday at the proposed budget for the upcoming year and was already faced with a revenue shortfall.

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The way the county pays its bills is like a credit card. Charge first, use taxes to pay up later. Since commissioners voted not to raise the millage rate this year, the new proposed budget is $21.5 million short.

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The Cobb County School District plans to give all school employees, from teachers to janitors, wearable panic buttons.

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Employees at three Cobb schools will be carrying panic buttons this year, giving them the power to communicate the type of emergency to the central office, which can then put a school on lockdown.

Officer Phillip Bradford handles emergency response for the Cobb County School District's police force. He said the new system can cut response time down to seconds. 

John Amis / Associated Press

Georgia Tech has new details on a plan to expand its campus in Cobb County.

It wants to buy 32 acres of land on the Lockheed Martin South Campus in Marietta. Then, it wants to renovate the buildings on that land to support tech research in national security, homeland defense and commercial advanced technology initiatives.

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