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Dashboard Co-op

Courtesy of Mike Stasny

Atlanta artist and musician Mike Stasny has made monsters out of furniture and has turned a gallery into a bar.

“So my grandfather was a taxidermist, so when I was growing up playing with Legos and other things, I would play with his unfinished taxidermy projects,” he said. 

That gruesome and skeletal influence of the unfinished taxidermy animals can be seen in his monster sculptures, which are made out of whatever materials are available.

David W Batterman

In 2010, Beth Malone and Courtney Hammond set out to fix a disconnect in the Atlanta art scene.

Certainly, there were artists, and there were galleries and museums, but there were few spaces in between for emerging yet seasoned artists. 

So, they started the entrepreneurial Dashboard Co-op to help artists curate their work in unused and under-imagined locations to encourage maximum creativity through art and space.