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DeKalb County

At a called meeting last night, the DeKalb County school board developed a budget proposal for the upcoming school year. The district is facing a $73 million budget gap.

In trying to address such a huge budget shortfall, school officials say there are no good choices. Dekalb Schools’ spokesman Walter Woods says the board agreed on some key cost-saving measures.

A special grand jury will investigate allegations of corruption in DeKalb County's watershed department involving millions of dollars.

The grand jury will examine eight years worth of records from DeKalb's watershed department. The grand jury is looking to see if there was a possible corruption in the upcoming overhaul of the county's sewage system.

An internal investigation found improper payments - to the tune of 3 million dollars - to a company contracted to clear land for the county.

Questions Raised in Dekalb Bullying Probe

Jul 28, 2009

Sue Heslup is a long-time resident of DeKalb and the mother of two former students.

"There was a lot of information that was never shared, a lot of information withheld, a lot of parents in the dark...That's what I think people are upset about."

She says her main issue is that the county has yet to produce a written report on the suicide of 11-year-old, Jaheem Herrera.