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DeKalb County admitted this week that it failed to report a number of sewage issues over the last four years, including 35 spills that reached the region's waterways. The county is required to report such issues to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency according to a 2010 federal court order.

Findings from an internal investigation submitted to the EPA show county employees sometimes didn't record a spill or overflow if they didn't witness it themselves. They also didn't report many cases where sewage simply flooded an area or building.

McAfee Rd passes over the Buena Vista Lake Dam in Decatur (Dekalb County).
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Hundreds of miles of roads in DeKalb County will have to wait on special funds for resurfacing until state lawmakers can change a wording error in state law.

DeKalb County Commissioners voted this week against putting a special penny sales tax on November’s ballot because if the tax was approved, it would trigger an end to some property tax breaks for homeowners because of how one two-page state bill had been written. 

Voters cast ballots in Georgia's primary election at a polling site in a firehouse Tuesday, March 1, 2016, in Atlanta.
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Early voting continues this week in the race for DeKalb County's District 4 Commission seat.

Commissioner Sharon Barnes Sutton faces challenger Steve Bradshaw in what both candidates said has been a very negative and divisive race.

Analysts say interest in the race could mean a slightly higher than usual voter turn-out in a mid-summer runoff election.

Barnes Sutton has mailed out flyers saying Bradshaw is not a true Democrat. Both candidates are African-American. Included on the Barnes-Sutton flyer is a photo of Bradshaw with his wife, who is white.

Embattled DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis is led out of the courtroom after he was sentenced to 5 years to serve 18 months in prison Wednesday July 8, 2015.

The Supreme Court of Georgia is set to hear an appeal this Monday from DeKalb County's former chief executive officer.

Lawyers for Burrell Ellis say the justices should reverse his convictions because of errors during his trial. Ellis is convicted of perjury and an attempt to commit theft by extortion for pressuring a county contractor to donate to his campaign.

The justices will hear a long list of cases over the next two weeks.

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This summer, a converted school bus is making stops in low-income communities in DeKalb County to sell fresh produce. It's a program that's been up and running for two years from the county government and the University of Georgia Extension in DeKalb.           

Edda Cotto-Rivera, who was staffing the bus on Friday, said it's not only about food, it's also about education.