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Delta Air Lines Says Computer Glitch Is Repaired

Jan 31, 2017
A travel advocate accuses Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines of shaming certain customers into buying a higher fare ticket. Delta says it's providing transparency as a way to better inform customers.
Manuel Balce Ceneta / Associated Press

Delta Air Lines says its operations are back to normal following a systems outage Sunday that disrupted hundreds of flights.

The computer problem forced Delta to cancel roughly 300 domestic flights over the past two days.

Delta officials tweeted yesterday the tech issue was resolved and offered an apology to passengers who had to adjust their travel plans.

Airline Weekly analyst Seth Kaplan says the glitch, the second in less than 12 months, shouldn't have a long-term effect on the Atlanta-based carrier.

Delta Flights Canceled After Systems Outage

Jan 30, 2017
BRANDEN CAMP / Associated Press

Aside from the protests to President Donald Trump's immigration order, there was another issue that had people up in arms at airports this weekend.

About 170 Delta Air Lines flights were canceled Sunday due to a systems outage.

Other flights were delayed for hours as a result of the glitch.

Branden Camp / Associated Press

Delta Airlines says it's looking into allegations of discrimination after a known prankster posted a video saying he and a friend were removed from a flight departing London-Heathrow airport because they "spoke a different language."

The airlines' statement came Wednesday after Adam Saleh posted the video on Twitter.

Saleh told ABC News he was speaking to his mother on the phone, in Arabic, when a woman told a Delta crew member she felt unsafe.

David Goldman / Associated Press

A warning light indicating a possible mechanical problem forced a Delta flight from Norfolk, Virginia, to Atlanta to briefly divert to Myrtle Beach.

Michael Thomas of Delta says that the Monday morning flight diverted when a warning indicated a possible issue with the aircraft's auxiliary power system.

The plane carrying 160 passengers and six crew members landed at Myrtle Beach International Airport about 8 a.m. Monday.

The aircraft was checked out by ground mechanics and, after a short delay, resumed its flight to Atlanta.

John Bazemore / associated press file

Delta Air Lines is spending $150 million this year on technology upgrades, including a better mobile app. But what CEO Ed Bastian never saw coming was a vulnerability to its reservations and operations servers that would cripple his airline for days.

A computer outage Monday morning grounded planes around the world, stranding thousands of summertime travelers left in limbo as Delta struggled to sort out the mess, its reputation as an on-time airline severely tarnished.