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extended stay hotels

The Budgetel Inn on Fulton Industrial Blvd. in Southwest Atlanta is home to many who are one step away from living on the streets. Georgia's new $5 a night hotel tax has an exemption for stays longer than 30 days, but both hotel operators and guests remai
Jim Burress / WABE

One DeKalb county commissioner wants to regulate how extended stay hotels and motels operate.

Commissioner Nancy Jester is proposing an ordinance requiring extended stays to beef up their security and limit how long guests can stay. However, she says nothing is set in stone as she is still working on the details. 

Jim Burress / WABE

Every time someone spends a night in a Georgia hotel, the state collects $5. The charge, which went into effect July 1, is earmarked to pay for state transportation projects.

But the fee is causing confusion, especially for those living in extended stay hotels.

That includes 58-year-old Marshall Rancifer, who fears the tax will fuel a wave of homelessness across Georgia.

Rancifer ended up at the Budgetel Inn off Fulton Industrial Boulevard in January after the house he was renting fell into foreclosure.