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8 Things You Might Not Have Known About MLK

Jan 13, 2017
Carolyn Kaster / Associated Press

There are some parts of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s story that we know by heart. We know about the dream he had for the country, about the bridges he fought to cross, about the words he shared from his pulpits. 

And we know how he left us -- from the balcony of the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis, and far too soon. 

But even 48 years after his death, these facts don't tell us the whole story. There's plenty more to learn about King's life and legacy. 

Here, eight lesser-known facts about one of the most well-known figures in American history. 

Commentary: Can Reparations Help Patch A Racial Wound?

Dec 30, 2016
Maya Martin / VOX ATL

This year, Georgetown University made history by recognizing its role in slavery and doing something about it. I first heard about the decision on Sept. 1 while listening to the radio on my way to school.

Matt Rourke / Associated Press

Amid a year marred with argument and division, it might seem surprising that a thousand-mile oil pipeline would become a focal point for controversy.

The Dakota Access Pipeline is a proposed 1,172-mile pipeline that would stretch from North Dakota to Illinois. The purpose of the pipeline was to find a cheaper way to transport oil across the states. A lack of demand for oil in North Dakota had lead to a supply build-up that would not be profitable without a cheaper mode of transportation.

David Goldman / AP

The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, is best known for pat-downs, body scanners and long lines during the holidays.

But on the internet, the organization’s popularity has exceeded that of even Beyoncé. According to Rolling Stone’s list of the Top 100 Instagram Accounts, the TSA has surpassed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Nikki Minaj and even NASA, securing the spot of Rolling Stone’s fourth best account on the social media network.

Elly Yu / WABE News

Cindy Jones still can’t help but think about the timing of things. Stewart-Webster Hospital, the place she and her family had gone to for years, closed in March of 2013. A month later, her husband Bill suffered a heart attack.

“He came in from a day of farming and ate supper, and then sat down to watch David Letterman,” Jones said. “And all of a sudden he got quiet, and we knew something was wrong because he wasn’t laughing at David Letterman anymore.”