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Norman Reedus attends the season five premiere of "The Walking Dead" at AMC Universal Citywalk on Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014, in Universal City, Calif.
John Shearer/Invision for AMC / Associated Press

When the lights come on, the scene in front of you isn't pretty: There's a gagged woman handcuffed to a wall, a TV on at full volume and a guy lying on a couch with a gaping belly wound.

Such is the troubling landscape that greets audience members at the beginning of the touring immersive show recreating the chilling world of "The Walking Dead," in which the world has been plagued by a zombie apocalypse. The horror drama series on AMC is one of the most popular shows on television.

hmmlargeart / flickr.com/e_hmm

A new survey says Americans are more accepting of gay relationships and couples living together before marriage — but they've grown less comfortable with divorce.

The government periodically asks teens and younger adults what they think about changes in U.S. family relationships.

In the latest survey, fewer men and women than a decade ago said divorce is the best solution when a marriage is on the rocks.

Sixty percent of women and 49 percent of men said same-sex relationships are fine.

Girl Scouts of the USA

Every year, storefronts, neighborhoods and workplaces become dotted with green, blue, brown and khaki as Girl Scouts work tirelessly to sell cookies. 

Girl Scout Cookies have origins tracing back to the 1900s, but nowadays the Girl Scouts are known for more than just pushing cookies. They work to educate and empower young women all across the globe. Today, the number of Girl Scouts in the United States is nearly equivalent to the population of Chicago: 2.7 million Scouts and volunteers, according to the Girl Scouts website.

Courtesy of Conor Beary

When Georgia Tech graduate and Atlantan Archel Bernard moved to Liberia in 2011, she wanted to be the “West African Oprah Winfrey.”

But to be a West African Oprah, she needed to dress like a West African. So she took a sketch of a dress she dreamed up to a Monrovian tailor. When she went to pick up the dress, not only was the tailor wearing her design, but so was another customer.

JHJR / Associated Press

Atlanta played a huge part in the civil rights movement of the 1960s, serving as the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr. and home of the world’s largest museum dedicated to King, the Martin Luther King Jr. Historic Site.

Atlanta’s history regarding segregation and Jim Crow laws has led to the creation of historical landmarks such as the Sweet Auburn Historic District, an area where black businesspeople became prosperous despite the setbacks imposed on them.