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Fort McPherson

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Imagine spending weeks, years, or a lifetime apart from lovers, friends and family. And then, one day, you are reunited. This process led Spelman dance chair, professor and choreographer T. Lang to question, what is the toll of searching, longing and finding?

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Those are just some of the themes explored in her four-part series, “Post,” which started back in 2014. The first installment, "Post Up," was the result of T. Lang's grief from the death of her father. 

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Georgia lawmakers are traveling around the state, visiting military bases. Their goal is to make sure the bases here are in good shape, so that if more bases around the country are closed, Georgia's remain open.

The federal government has closed bases in the state recently. About ten years ago, Georgia lost a few, including Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem in the Atlanta area.

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The Fort McPherson sale to Tyler Perry is going forward.

A city-appointed board will buy the 488-acre former U.S. Army base for $26 million, sell most of it to Perry and turn what's left over into mixed use development.

Perry will pay $30 million for 330 acres of the property to the McPherson Implementing Local Redevelopment Authority. 

With the deal approved, the next big steps will be planning the redevelopment of the 144 acres the city will get to keep from the sale, Brian Hooker with the McPherson Implementing Local Redevelopment Authority said.

Mayor Kasim Reed Defends Record, Fights Back Against Critics

Jun 23, 2015
Patrick Semansky / Associated Press

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed defended his recent record and went after his critics during an extensive and in-depth interview on “A Closer Look” Tuesday afternoon. 

The conversation comes as the city and its government are busy with enterprise ventures, programs and problems. There are big infrastructure projects planned – including road and bridge repair. A new Falcons stadium is underway, and the future of Turner Field when the Braves leave is turning into a thorny and contentious issue with some community groups.

Sgt. Michael Connors / Wikimedia

The Atlanta City Council approved a controversial measure worth $13 million this week to help filmmaker Tyler Perry buy most of Fort McPherson – a vacant, 488-acre former Army base in southwest Atlanta.

Perry, who plans to build a film studio on the site, would ultimately pay $30 million for 330 acres, with the city controlling 140 acres and eventually pocketing $4 million in the deal.

"The city is on the hook for the $13 million in the event ... in the unlikely event, that the transaction doesn't go through," City Councilman Alex Wan explained on “A Closer Look.”