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georgia election day

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Fulton County sent letters to registered voters to tell them where to vote next month, but many of them ended up at wrong addresses or left voters confused.

In Susan White's case, the mistake was obvious.

She got a letter telling her to vote in Fulton County at Morningside Baptist Church. The problem is, she lives in DeKalb County.

"Someone maybe does need to vote at Morningside Baptist. But they're not at my house," said White.

Fulton County blames a vendor for using address forwarding records and sending thousands of letters to incorrect homes.

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Independent political parties in Georgia are busy trying to get their candidates on November's presidential ballot.

An interim ruling from a federal court earlier this year lowered the number of signatures required to qualify for candidacy from more than 50,000 to just 7,500.

That puts the ballot almost within reach, according to members of the Constitution party of Georgia and the Georgia Green Party.

“Right now we’re feeling, at least I am, highly confident that it’s possible for us to pull this off,” said Hugh Esco, co-chair of the state Green Party.