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Georgia Judicial Qualifications Commission

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In November, Georgians voted to abolish and recreate the state’s judicial watchdog agency, but questions remain about the future of the new Judicial Qualifications Commission.

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Georgia voters Tuesday decided to amend the state’s constitution to overhaul the state’s judicial watchdog agency. The changes would allow the state Legislature to abolish and recreate the Judicial Qualifications Commission and give lawmakers more power over the body. 

The watchdog agency, which was created by constitutional amendment in 1972, investigates ethics complaints against state judges. The commission's investigations have led to the resignations or removals of dozens of judges in Georgia over the past decade for misconduct. 

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This week, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed announced he is joining the opposition to the Opportunity School District measure, which is on the Nov. 8 ballot.

This puts the Democratic mayor at odds with Republican Gov. Nathan Deal, with whom Reed has worked closely on other issues, including economic development. Reed said he does not question the governor's commitment to the state's children -- and Deal has recently hit the road to campaign personally for his plan, which would allow the state to take over some failing schools.

David Goldman / Associated Press

The key lawmaker behind a plan on November's ballot to overhaul the state's judicial watchdog agency says he hopes people will approve it even if they don't know much about it.

Amendment 3 on November’s ballot would allow the state Legislature to recreate the Judicial Qualifications Commission – the agency that investigates ethics and misconduct complaints against state judges.

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