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All of the Georgia State University students who started the school year staying in a hotel are now living on campus. But there are still about 150 waiting for permanent placement.


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Even though women still earn less on the dollar than men, a new Georgia State University study shows the number of American households in which wives earn more than husbands is growing. 

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Georgia State Economics Professors Julie Hotchkiss and Robert Moore worked on the study. Hotchkiss says more women are becoming the top breadwinners in their families.

Governor Nathan Deal attended the premiere of the documentary Released at Georgia State University's Rialto Center for the Arts. The film was produced by the US Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Georgia.
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Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has been pushing for criminal justice reform ever since he took office, but he said there's still a lot more work to be done.

Georgia State University’s Rialto Center for the Arts theater in downtown Atlanta was packed with more than 400 judges, officers and lawyers Wednesday.

They were there to watch a documentary called "Released" produced by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia about the challenges prisoners face when they are released from prison.

Hotel Rooms, Bunk Beds In Store For Some GSU Students

Aug 16, 2017
Georgia State University's newest dorms, Piedmont Central, brought the total number of bed to 5,200.
Courtesy of Georgia State University

Some Georgia State University students are starting the school year off in a hotel.

The university overbooked students to live in on-campus housing. Four hundred students will be temporarily placed in the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Atlanta. GSU’s website said students will be moved into university housing no later than Aug. 31.

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Georgia State University
Catherine Mullins / WABE

Georgia State University must find room for roughly 500 students as more have applied to stay on its Atlanta campus than there are places to live.

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Local news outlets report that according to the school's website, the campus's increasing popularity to live on has led to an unusual increase in the number of students applying for housing during the fall academic term.