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Gov. Nathan Deal

Georgia School Superintendent Richard Woods in his office at the state Capitol, Feb. 13, 2015.
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Under a new federal law called the ‘Every Student Succeeds Act,’ all states are required to submit a comprehensive education plan to the federal government. The deadline is Monday. Georgia spent more than a year seeking input and developing a proposal. However, some state officials are still at odds over some of the specifics.

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The week before Labor Day is usually a vacation time for politics — but not this year.  

At Georgia's state Capitol, a big and diverse crowd gathered for the unveiling of a statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  The same week, a social media post appeared, in which a white Republican state lawmaker appeared to threaten a former Democratic lawmaker, who is African-American, with possible physical harm if she were to speak about removing Confederate monuments in South Georgia.

David Goldman / Associated Press

To curb gas supply shortages, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has waived regulations for vehicles transporting fuel in Georgia and for those carrying hurricane relief supplies.

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Georgia state capitol
Nick Nesmith / WABE

The Henry County school board recently revoked an offer to its sole finalist for superintendent.

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On a recent sunny, weekday morning, it was hard to find parking outside Lee Arrendale State Prison in north Georgia, little over an hour drive from Atlanta.

You don’t just stumble on this prison. It’s hard to see around the sharp turns that take visitors here on roads past green hills, and dilapidated trailer homes.

Getting inside means passing through a metal detector and six locked doors. Personal cell phones must be turned over to security. Visitors are happy to do it because many of their daughters, sisters, and mothers are inside.