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Monday on "City Lights with Lois Reitzes":

Atlanta Welcomes Inaugural Musical Theatre Festival

Aug 1, 2016
Gabbie Watts / WABE

Local musical theater artists have united for the inaugural Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival. From their mission statement, the festival seeks to “cultivate the next generation of theatre artists by mentoring talent, propelling new musicals forward, and celebrating the community in a supportive, nurturing, and creative environment.”

Beyond just presenting completed pieces, founder Benjamin Davis wanted the festival to act a workshop for artists.

Kevin Harry


While taking a college playwriting class, Jeremiah Parker Hobbs wanted to find a creative approach that went beyond a traditional stage production.

After several years of working out the plot and fleshing out the tunes for a folk-rock musical, the Actor’s Express headliner last year showed what he had to singer and Atlanta actress Jessica De Maria.

A couple days later, as he explained on “City Lights,” she had half of it marked up and was bursting with her own ideas in the margins.