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Fulton County Property Assessments Might Get A Rollback

Jun 20, 2017
Fulton County officials have searched for solutions to address this year's property assessment hikes that have residents concerned.
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Fulton County's Board of Commissioners will vote Wednesday on whether or not to rescind this year's property assessments.

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Homeowners have been up in arms over spikes in their property values; some higher than 50 percent. These property assessments dictate how much people pay in taxes.

Fulton Commission Chairman John Eaves said his office found an obscure 1880's law that gives Fulton’s Board of Commissioners power to rescind property assessments.

Fulton County Chairman John Eaves says the majority of bumps in property tax assessments are in-line with other counties, like Cobb and Gwinnett.
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In the two weeks since Fulton County sent out property assessments, there have been so many complaints that county officials have had to respond.

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So the county's considering options.

Commission Chairman John Eaves said the county's considering rolling back the millage rate on property taxes.

"This will mean that all property owners will pay at the same rate as they did in 2016," he said.

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