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Model Trains

Each member of the club operates a different section of the set-up's 1,600-plus feet of track.
Ryan Nabulsi / / for WABE

Have you been looking for something to do this weekend? If so, join host Lois Reitzes as she speaks with our very own Kate Sweeney about this weekend's events. This time around, they begin their conversation by discussing an upcoming concert by a "Klezmer funk-rock-jazz ensemble." Here's Lois with more.

4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra at Palookaville's Corn-Dog Drop

Railroad Model Train Club on Edgewood Avenue

Trains parked in the roundhouse at the Railroad Model Club
Ryan Nabulsi / / for WABE

The Railroad Model Club of Atlanta has been around for more than seven decades, operating its vintage train set-up from the same second-floor room on Edgewood Avenue for nearly that entire time.

So, why doesn’t anyone know about it? Kate Sweeney went to find out.

The Railroad Model Club of Atlanta welcomes visitors the first Saturday morning of every month. Find out more here.