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Peachtree Pine Shelter

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Earlier this month, the candidates in Atlanta’s mayoral race discussed a major issue the next mayor will have to address: housing.

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The event — held Sept. 6 at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church — was sponsored by the City for All Housing Coalition and the Transformation Alliance.  The event was live-streamed, and the audio of the candidates used in this report came from that live stream.

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Thursday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott":

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Wednesday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott":

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Cities across the U.S. are trying to help the homeless find beds of their own, rather than a cot for the night. In theory, no one should stay in a shelter very long.

Atlanta is putting this theory to a hard, real-world test by closing its last shelter of last resort.

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For decades, as many as 1,000 people with nowhere else to turn could come off the street at Peachtree and Pine, no questions asked.

But years of litigation wore down the shelter's operators.

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A protest erupted Monday as Atlanta’s City Council took an official step toward closing down Atlanta’s largest homeless shelter.

Council members approved an ordinance allowing the city to start negotiations to take over Peachtree-Pine and put a police and fire facility in its place.

After the vote, protesters, with groups like Black Lives Matter and the Housing Justice League, stood in front of the council and yelled, “Shame.”