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Now in his second term, U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera continues his commitment to spreading poetry around the country. While there are few specific responsibilities for the poet laureate, Herrera has developed several projects that he hosts on the Library of Congress’ website.

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A few weeks ago, best-selling author Joshilyn Jackson heard a poem, Katherine Perry's "Baby Picture," that got her thinking about life.

“It 'poem haunted' me, stuck,” she says.

On "Writer to Reader," Jackson explains that the poem not only had her contemplating the finiteness of life, but also thinking about a novel she had read called “High Drama In Fabulous Toledo” by Lily James. The book compares life to a cafeteria line. Once a decision is made it can be difficult, if not impossible, to go back.

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Poet and writing professor Jericho Brown says that if you see a poet this month, give them a hug, because they’re busy. He’s referring, of course, to National Poetry Month. Brown was just on a whirlwind of readings and classes in New York last week and is heading back out on the road soon.

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Perhaps it's the Scots  — and the Scots alone — who find a dish like haggis palatable, but poetry lovers the world over adore the national hero of Scotland, Robert Burns.

Burns was born on Jan. 25, 1759, and Scots generally celebrate his birth on or around his birthday. And how does one celebrate a long-dead poet? With Burns Night — an evening of music, poetry and, of course, haggis.

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Today, Theresa Davis is a World Poetry Slam Champion and a published author.

With her poetry, she's toured with bands like Rising Appalachia, has given a TedX talk and was the 2012 McEver Visiting Chair in Writing at Georgia Tech.

Thirteen years ago, however, Davis was a middle school teacher, devoted to education but stuck in a deep depression.

Then tragedy struck her family. “My father passed away suddenly,” she said. “And one of the last conversations I had with him was how I wasn’t living up to my potential.”