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Sen. Dean Burke

A dangerous dog is defined as a dog that has inflicted a wound. A vicious dog is defined as having infliced a serious wound.
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Multiple judges in Georgia within the last decade have been accused of misconduct, many in cases of a sexual nature, according to a list compiled by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in 2010. 

“We do not want our judges harassing litigants or jurors, or presiding over cases when one of the lawyers is a sexual partner of the judge,” said Stephen Bright, president and senior council at the Southern Center for Human Rights.

Dr. Gregory Felzien of the Georgia Department of Public Health says treating people with Hepatitis-C early makes eradicating the virus a possibility. Tuesday, he told a panel of state lawmakers getting there won't be cheap.
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When is a $60,000 tab for one person’s medication considered a bargain for Georgia taxpayers?

When it goes to pay for a hepatitis C cure, state health officials told a group of Georgia lawmakers Tuesday.

Hepatitis C used to be considered a death sentence. Now, new drug treatments can cure nearly 100 percent of those infected. But they're expensive — up to $90,000 at a retail pharmacy, or a discounted rate of just $60,000 for health plans.