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John Bazemore / Associated Press

Call it the chameleon of stadiums.

From Olympic track and field to major league baseball to, now, college football, this place has undergone plenty of changes since it broke ground less than a quarter-century ago.

Welcome to Georgia State Stadium.

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David Goldman / Associated Press

On a sweltering 90-plus degree summer day at the Braves' new ballpark, the Irvine siblings were armed with one option to battle the sun and unrelenting heat while sitting in the seats behind the right field wall: refrigerated cup holders.

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"This is the way a game should be" enjoyed, said Olivia Irvine, who usually sits on the third base line. "The 'Koozies' are great too."

The new stadium will be ready for Georgia State's first football game on August 31st.
Tasnim Shamma / WABE

The new Georgia State University football field will be ready for its first home game at the end of the month. But more changes await Turner Field.

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Brian Carroll, GSU's senior construction project manager, said Turner Field is 98 percent complete for athletics. He says there are a couple loose ends to tie up, like double checking that the fire alarm and sprinkler systems are good to go.

Ian Palmer

The Atlanta Braves' new ballpark looks like a throwback stadium with its green seats, brick walls and its old-school, intimate feel.

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That's from an initial glance inside the park.

Beyond the stadium walls sits the real wow factor that could be a game-changer for the industry.

GSU Winter 2015
Alison Guillory / WABE



A Georgia State University student has been temporarily banned from campus. The ban happened after she was removed from a meeting after trying to ask the school's president about the future of Turner Field. The student is one of a group of activists pushing for assurances about GSU's development there.


Asma Elhuni, a senior political science major at GSU, showed up at a public student government meeting with a group of young activists Thursday night to speak with GSU President Mark Becker.